Midori is a helpful light web browser that is very easy to use. With the help of the intuitive and minimalistic interface, you will have an opportunity to surf the Internet with a comfort. Although, the browser is quite simple, is does have some interesting features that is worth seeing. For instance, it has the Speed Dial site launcher screen and the default Duck Duck Go search engine. An RSS icon in the address bar is available. Also there are some useful features such as reopening your tabs from the last session and script disabling, and third-party cookie blocking.You can see installed integrated ad-blocker and cookie manager as well. Midori is, quite fast web browser, utilizing the latest web technologies and a little, yet agile array of extensions, which have a big amount of the features you need. Bookmarks, history and download management, private browsing and other great features can be located by users with ease. The Import Bookmarks tool can be the only drawback you could find. This won’t be locate and use your other browsers’ data, it imports from an HTML or XBEL file only. The extension support is quite limited. Overall, if you are a power user, then keep clear. If, however, you need bare bones web browsing, Midori browser is just for you.

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Ionela Almaș, 30.04.2017
so good

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